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i have a string like the following [Lcom.hexgen.ro.request.CreateRequisitionRO;

how to get the string com.hexgen.ro.request.CreateRequisitionRO this only from [Lcom.hexgen.ro.request.CreateRequisitionRO; in java. there are few cases where i get com.hexgen.ro.request.CreateRequisitionRO; so i also have to check whether the given string has the format of what i am expecting like com.hexgen.ro.request.CreateRequisitionRO

Please help me to correct it.

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if it has a predictable pattern you can use REGEX, and please provide a snippet of code that you've tried –  Bogdan Emil Mariesan Apr 25 '13 at 7:36
Please, clarify your requisites because it's hard to understand what do you want to do –  Averroes Apr 25 '13 at 7:37
What you're seeing is (I believe) the String representation of an object of type com.hexgen.ro.request.CreateRequisitionRO contained in an array. So check for array and get the first element. –  Geert-Jan Apr 25 '13 at 7:38

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Here is a code:

String toBeFixed = "[Lcom.hexgen.ro.request.CreateRequisitionRO;"; 
String toReplaceWith =toBeFixed.replaceAll("\\[L", "").replaceAll("\\;","");
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You should be using a regex:

String input = "com.hexgen.ro.request.CreateRequisitionRO"; //OR "[Lcom.hexgen.ro.request.CreateRequisitionRO;"
Pattern p = Pattern.compile("(\\[L)*([\\w\\.]+)(\\;)*");
Matcher m = p.matcher(input);
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how to get the string com.hexgen.ro.request.CreateRequisitionRO this only from [Lcom.hexgen.ro.request.CreateRequisitionRO;

String res = str.substring(2,str.length-1);
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This might work in your case, considering you have string replacement query:

public void test(){
String s1 = "[Lcom.hexgen.ro.request.CreateRequisitionRO";
String s2 = "com.hexgen.ro.request.CreateRequisitionRO";

public String getClassName(String s){
                s = s.substring(2, s.length()-1);
      return s;
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