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I've created multiple OpenCL queues with clCreateCommandQueue().

cl_int ret_code = CL_SUCCESS;
cl_command_queue queue1 = clCreateCommandQueue(GPU_context, GPU_device_ID, CL_QUEUE_PROFILING_ENABLE, &ret_code);
cl_command_queue queueN = clCreateCommandQueue(GPU_context, GPU_device_ID, CL_QUEUE_PROFILING_ENABLE, &ret_code);

All queues are created with no errors. One of that queues has no commands within for a moment. All kernels execution goes fine, etc. Finally i need to release queues I created. All clFinish() goes ok except one - which waits for queue, that has no commands within (say, queueN has no commands within). So that


returns correctly, but


Hangs forever. What can be the solution?

OS is Ubuntu 12.04 x64. GPU is GeForce GTS450. OpenCL SDK 1.1

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Probably is a driver bug. I found many of these when working in "nVIDIA + Linux + OpenCL". In my case, my program hunged after a clReadBuffer() blocking call, which never returned.

Does it happen even if you only create 2 queues?

My advise to overcome this problem is to use as few queues as possible. Normally 2 queues is the best (Kernel processing + I/O). If you use events and out of order queues support, there is no need for more queues.

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2 queues may be not enough - e. g. in a case of simultaneous kernel execution, HtoD or DtoH IO & DtoD IO. –  Roman Arzumanyan May 13 '13 at 14:46

The issue was the difference in OpenCL events releasing on different platforms. After getting rid of that, code starts to work just fine.

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We were seeing a similar issue (as well as some others including driver hangs) in OS X 10.8, 10.9 and beta 10.10 and found that removing CL_QUEUE_PROFILING_ENABLE solved it.

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