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Is there currently any way to show Google Analytics data from my GA Account on my web site without any user authentication? I would like to show most popular pages, and perhaps most popular searches and so on. I am looking for a way to do this that wouldnt need me to build a proxy service over the API and be subject to quotas and limits and so on.

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GA does not currently offer a way to access data without user authentication, even through the API.

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I had an idea like this:

  1. Create a button, where you obtain a OAuth2 access token (on admin side probably)
  2. Store token to somewhere(db, file, etc)
  3. Make a cron job to renew token every hour (3600 seconds)
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Try Google Apps script the output of which you can then embed into a page. They provide a GA connector and when publishing the web app, you can select to allow anonymous access.

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I have a feeling that the responses to this question are out-dated.

Specifically, I was able to fetch the data from my server (I get an XML response), I am still trying to figure out how to easily parse this XML into data which can be used by javascript to visualize.

I know that the ga easy dashboard library (gadash) does that very well, but that one relies on the queries being made form the library itself (with authentication), and that is exactly what we are trying to avoid.

Anyone has an idea on how to use the XML data we recieved to display the graphs?

I would be happy to show how I fetch the xml if we arrive at a full solution


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Check out EmbeddedAnalytics. Built specifically for this purpose.

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Things have changed, google now offers a partner company to publish the stats: https://www.google.com/analytics/partners/company/6384824025612288

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