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I'm try to create an HMAC in Rails and verify it in PHP.
Rails shell:

       pry(main)>appsecret = '00916893840fe0a29dfdc261efd3a26a&'           
       pry(main)>OpenSSL::HMAC.hexdigest('sha1', appsecret, 'GET&http%3A%2F%2Fopen.tianya.cn%2Foauth%2Frequest_token.php&oauth_consumer_key%3Dfc69b18eb12bab1e9b35d1093c4de9290516cfdc4%26oauth_nonce%3Dc09e4bf167fbc7eb374b1abb02b5268d%26oauth_signature_method%3DHMAC-SHA1%26oauth_timestamp%3D1366882036%26oauth_version%3D1.0')
       => "8494f6237ee6042a3da8848db21284be17bf6ade"


      $appsecret = '00916893840fe0a29dfdc261efd3a26a&';
      $signature = base64_encode(hash_hmac('sha1', $appsecret, 'GET&http%3A%2F%2Fopen.tianya.cn%2Foauth%2Frequest_token.php&oauth_consumer_key%3Dfc69b18eb12bab1e9b35d1093c4de9290516cfdc4%26oauth_nonce%3Dc09e4bf167fbc7eb374b1abb02b5268d%26oauth_signature_method%3DHMAC-SHA1%26oauth_timestamp%3D1366882036%26oauth_version%3D1.0',true));

Rails result:8494f6237ee6042a3da8848db21284be17bf6ade

PHP result:ayw4/L22fCtXPvPPGaY/Ud8yhMU=
Any help will be great appreciated!

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On ruby on rails => 00916893840fe0a29dfdc261efd3a26a& = 8494f6237ee6042a3da8848db21284be17bf6ade On php => 00916893840fe0a29dfdc261efd3a26a& = ayw4/L22fCtXPvPPGaY/Ud8yhMU= ? – Newbie Apr 25 '13 at 10:10
i think the order of parameters for hash_hmac is inverted in php, first data, then key. – Dinesh Apr 25 '13 at 10:15
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You have 2 problems:

  1. Your ruby output is returned as ascii hex, not raw, and you are not base64 encoding it
  2. You have the argument order for the PHP hash_hmac() function wrong.


appsecret = '00916893840fe0a29dfdc261efd3a26a&'
data = 'GET&http%3A%2F%2Fopen.tianya.cn%2Foauth%2Frequest_token.php&oauth_consumer_key%3Dfc69b18eb12bab1e9b35d1093c4de9290516cfdc4%26oauth_nonce%3Dc09e4bf167fbc7eb374b1abb02b5268d%26oauth_signature_method%3DHMAC-SHA1%26oauth_timestamp%3D1366882036%26oauth_version%3D1.0'

digest = OpenSSL::HMAC.digest('sha1', appsecret, data)


$appsecret = '00916893840fe0a29dfdc261efd3a26a&';
$data = 'GET&http%3A%2F%2Fopen.tianya.cn%2Foauth%2Frequest_token.php&oauth_consumer_key%3Dfc69b18eb12bab1e9b35d1093c4de9290516cfdc4%26oauth_nonce%3Dc09e4bf167fbc7eb374b1abb02b5268d%26oauth_signature_method%3DHMAC-SHA1%26oauth_timestamp%3D1366882036%26oauth_version%3D1.0';

$digest = hash_hmac('sha1', $data, $appsecret, true);
echo base64_encode($digest);

Both produce hJT2I37mBCo9qISNshKEvhe/at4=. Note, however, that the ruby output also has a trailing new-line, so you will need to normalize this (either remove it in ruby or add one in PHP) if you want to compare them directly.

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Thank you very much,your opinion is helpful for me. – xeostream Apr 26 '13 at 9:46

After trying different trial and error I found out how both the functionality were similar..this will give you the desired resut same as ruby:

$appsecret = '00916893840fe0a29dfdc261efd3a26a&';
$signature = hash_hmac('sha1', 'GET&http%3A%2F%2Fopen.tianya.cn%2Foauth%2Frequest_token.php&oauth_consumer_key%3Dfc69b18eb12bab1e9b35d1093c4de9290516cfdc4%26oauth_nonce%3Dc09e4bf167fbc7eb374b1abb02b5268d%26oauth_signature_method%3DHMAC-SHA1%26oauth_timestamp%3D1366882036%26oauth_version%3D1.0',$appsecret);


string(40) "8494f6237ee6042a3da8848db21284be17bf6ade" 

In PHP order of parameters for hash_hmac is inverted in php, first data, then key. the ruby output is not base64 encoded so you do not have to base64 encode in your PHP..

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You are right,parameters order is different,Tank you. – xeostream Apr 26 '13 at 9:48

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