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I tried to access my application on CloudFoundry with the following configuration in the spring security xml

<intercept-url pattern="/signup*" access="permitAll" requires-channel="https" />

but it gives me error This webpage has a redirect loop

However when I changed it to requires-channel="http" I can see my page normally. In both cases I used https on my application. Is this the expected behavior ?

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I have the same issue when I tried to secure my pages with HTTPS using Spring Security.

From the discussion on CloudFoundry Support, seems they "terminate SSL connections at the router". See "Is it possible to visit my application via SSL (HTTPS)?".

And after more than a year, no further information I can find regarding this issue.

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In case it's still useful ... I found this post gave the clue to solve something similar to this.

The problem was the org.springframework.security.web.access.channel.SecureChannelProcessor bean was using ServletRequest.isSecure() to decide whether to accept the connection or redirect, which was getting confused inside the cloud.

The following override to that bean seemed to do the job under BlueMix - not sure if the $WSSC request header will apply to all environments.

public class ChannelProcessorsPostProcessor implements BeanPostProcessor {

    public Object postProcessAfterInitialization(final Object bean, final String beanName) throws BeansException {
        if (bean instanceof SecureChannelProcessor) {
            final SecureChannelProcessor scp = (SecureChannelProcessor) bean;
            return new ChannelProcessor() {
                public void decide(FilterInvocation invocation,
                        Collection<ConfigAttribute> config) throws IOException,
                        ServletException {
                    HttpServletRequest httpRequest = invocation.getHttpRequest();
                    // Running under BlueMix (CloudFoundry in general?), the
                    //   invocation.getHttpRequest().isSecure() in SecureChannelProcessor
                    //   was always returning false
                    if ("https".equals(httpRequest.getHeader("$WSSC"))) {
                    scp.decide(invocation, config);

                public boolean supports(ConfigAttribute attribute) {
                    return scp.supports(attribute);

        return bean;

    public Object postProcessBeforeInitialization(final Object bean, final String beanName) throws BeansException {

        return bean;
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