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I have problem with "SELECT" statement in Zend select.

public function listAnswers($sort_field = 'answer_id', $field = null, $value = null, $strict_filter = false, $client_id = null) {
    //here is $value
    // $value  = "abcd : <?\\?>"; 
    $value = $this->getDefaultAdapter()->quote("%".$value."%");

    if( !empty($field) && !empty($value) && $strict_filter == false){
            $select = $this->select()->where(" client_id != -99 ")->where($field . " like $value ")->order($sort_field);

And error comes and my query printed was

    SELECT `answer`.* FROM `answer` WHERE ( client_id != -99 ) AND (client_id = '1') AND (answer_text LIKE '%abcd : <?\\\\?>%' ) ORDER BY `add_date` DESC

Record not come as appropriate $value has.

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Try adding % before and after your 'part 1' in the query. Like this: %{$value}% . –  Frederick Marcoux Apr 25 '13 at 10:31
I have corrected my question again.. I have tried but it not works..@FrederickMarcoux –  Deval Shah Apr 25 '13 at 10:34
Why are you putting <? ?> in a MySQL query exactly? It could help me to answer you... @DevalShah –  Frederick Marcoux Apr 25 '13 at 10:36
Actually I have tried Junk values like "kdaod:" kfdlk <?,zc;l304003=2021\\[}{}W{{W[[?><m<":{}+_(!*^@#^@%#^%%% and then my query break between and select statement was SELECT answer.* FROM answer WHERE ( client_id != -99 ) AND (client_id = '1') AND (answer_text like '%\"kdaod:\" kfdlk italic .My query break between php brackets. –  Deval Shah Apr 25 '13 at 10:39
For that, the quote() function should be enough... If it doesn't work, well I can't explain it! –  Frederick Marcoux Apr 25 '13 at 10:41

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There is usually no need to quote values when using the select(), select() will normally provide the quotes by default. When using select() it is a good idea to use placeholders instead of concatenation because concatenation may not always work.

$select->order() requires a string to specify the query ('answer_id ASC'), unless you always want whatever the default is.

You set $field and $value to null by default, so testing for !empty() really doesn't make semantic sense.

Don't forget you have to actually fetch a result and return it.

//assuming a dbTable model where $this->select() is valid.
public function listAnswers($sort_field = 'answer_id', $field = null, $value = null, $strict_filter = false, $client_id = null) {
    //here is $value
    // $value  = "abcd : <?\\?>"; 
    //unless your values are really strange select() will provide the quotes
    //$value = $this->getDefaultAdapter()->quote("%".$value."%");
    //it may help to initialize select() before the loop
    $select = $this->select();
    if( !is_null($field) && !is_null($value) && $strict_filter == false){
        $select->where(" client_id != -99 ")
            //use placeholders when using the select()
            ->where("$field like ?" $value)
            //specify order by with a string ie: answer_id ASC
            ->order($sort_field . 'ASC');
    //return the result
    return $this->fetchAll($select)

Good Luck

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Based on the discussion in the comments think it's just displaying the SQL query in the browser which is not showing the 'part 1' bit of your string, as the browser will interpret the < and > characters as HTML tags and hide their contents. The code you are using for the query itself looks fine, so just use:

echo htmlspecialchars($select);exit;

for debugging to verify that the right query is being run.

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U r right.My query is shown now.But result is not display.like $value = "kdaod: kfdlk <?,zc;l304003=2021\\[}{}W{{W[[?><m<:{}+_(!*^@#^@%#^%%%"; and like query not display that record.SELECT answer.* FROM answer` WHERE ( client_id != -99 ) AND (client_id = '1') AND (answer_text like '%kdaod: kfdlk <?,zc;l304003=2021\\\[}{}W{{W[[?><m<:{}+_(!*^@#^@%#^%%%%' ) ORDER BY add_date DESC` query is this –  Deval Shah Apr 25 '13 at 12:02
And if you run that query in MySQL directly does it return results? –  Tim Fountain Apr 25 '13 at 12:05
no it don't works because ` $this->getDefaultAdapter()->quote("%".$value."%")` function added `` to quotes.So like query don't match it. –  Deval Shah Apr 25 '13 at 13:22
I don't see extra quotes in the query posted in your comment, could you edit your question to include the full, not-working SQL query? –  Tim Fountain Apr 25 '13 at 13:38
I have updated question. –  Deval Shah Apr 26 '13 at 8:13

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