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In my SSIS package I have several data flow tasks.

Is there a way in SSIS which says if the F0101Z2 task completes but the F03012Z1 fails rollback what was passed in the F0101Z2 step?

My SSIS package

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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+1 for posting the Question – Luv Apr 25 '13 at 10:48

Set TransactionOption=Required on Package Level, and configure all Tasks to TransactionOption=Supported(by default Supported). They will all join the transaction, and if any fail, the transaction will be rolled back. Note: First Make Sure that MSDTC(MS Distributed Transaction Co-coordinator) is enabled in the Control Panel--->Admin tool-->Services.

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Just study these Links and you will be able to solve your Problem.

how to use transactions in sql server integration services ssis/

SSIS transaction management MSSQL

How to transaction rollback in ssis?

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thanks for the links, very useful. my next problem is I'm sending data from ms sql to oracle using global temp tables so i need to set the connection managers to retain same connection. this seems to cause the sequence container to fail if i do this and if i don't retain the same connection further steps fail. looks as if sequence container isn't for me on this occasion. – Jonno Lord Apr 25 '13 at 13:28

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