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I am working since more than 6+ month in different technologies like joomla,wordpress, php,jquery,. i have sufficient working knowledge but when i am getting any project, my heart beats increasing everytime, like u know fear of code or what i don't know. but one kind of pressure feel personally. and also everytime need to googling even sometime simple things. so what is solution for that. yes off course that time tracker is going on when i am working , if tracker is not going on than beats may be slow... please suggest me to improve logic building and also want to learn PHP oops ..Thank you all in advance.. sometime can't sleep considering about coding...

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Yes, I know your feelings because I feel the same feeling that you do.

In my opinion, The best solution is First…Please take advice from people 1. You should communicate a lot of people who can give u advice and help about your job. This people are should be called your background. If you have stronger background, fear feeling will disappear little by little

Second…Learn a lot when you have free time 2….That will make u more confidence.

Thanks a lot

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