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I would like some guidance on the best proven method of creating a HTML5 video section on my website that is fully cross browser compatible, works in a responsive layout ( so not fixed dimensions ) and also support IOS/ipad and other mobile devices. I have looked at several articles including (http://diveintohtml5.info/video.html). I have tried mediaelement.js and Video.js and I have still had problems on older Internet Explorer Browsers ( specifically IE8 and below ) IE9 works fine. If some body could point me in the correct direction for achieving this with HTML5 video it will be a great help as im just not getting where I am going wrong! Thanks Alot.

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To clarify, did you try the technique from dive into html5 where you use Flowplayer to play a flash version of your video for IE8 and below?

Code and working example is at the very end of http://diveintohtml5.info/video.html

The example on the page seems to work well for me on IE7 and IE8, though I'm testing on a virtual box on a Mac so that might change something.

Good luck!

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