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im working on a code-editor and I just want to know how to do codes in counting Lines and Columns in richtextbox . particularly something like this 1 in actual code-editor .

enter image description here

lets just say count will transfer in a ListBox

is there a fast way i can do it? really need a help and thanks a lot in advance! GodBless!

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IF I understand correctly you want to code a feature (like your VS2010 screeshot) in C#. So (1) the question doesn't have anything to do with visual studio as such. => Which is why I've removed the tag. (2) Are you talking about windows form or WPF? –  gideon Apr 25 '13 at 10:55
@gideon, im talking with windows forms sir . –  Elegiac Apr 25 '13 at 11:08

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This will do it, you just have to call the code inside a timer:

int line = 1 + richTextBox1.GetLineFromCharIndex(richTextBox1.GetFirstCharIndexOfCurrentLine());
int column = 1 + richTextBox1.SelectionStart - richTextBox1.GetFirstCharIndexOfCurrentLine();
label1.Text = "line: " + line.ToString() + ", column: " + column.ToString();
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awesome it worked thanks! :) –  Elegiac Apr 25 '13 at 11:13

You can do this :

//This to get lines number.
int index = richTextBox.SelectionStart;
int li = richTextBox.GetLineFromCharIndex(index);

// This to get columns number.
int firstChar = richTextBox.GetFirstCharIndexFromLine(li);
int col = index - firstChar;

Good luck!

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