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I don't having any luck trying to find it. Information on wiki is outdated, the vlc javascript object has changed a lot since the wiki page was written. Google searching give me a more updated look of how the current interface is.

For example, wiki says document.video1.play() in the demo page, but browser says that object does not have such method. Then I found that in current interface the play method was moved into a child object named playlist. document.video1.playlist.play() works.

I tried to enumerate all properties of the javascript object but for some reason this does not work for the playlist object that probably has most of the methods I interested in. If I use this method (How do I enumerate the properties of a javascript object? and How to display all methods in a JavaScript object?) to enumerate properties for playlist object I only get two properties and no method name, including the ones I confirmed that exists. Tried in Chrome and Firefox.

So far I have confirmed the following interface:

VLC Multimedia Plugin (compatible Totem 3.4.3)

If the main embeddable object is called vlc in document (I don't like video1) then we can access its methods by:

// don't need to explain these, they do what they say

// Pauses or resumes the video, if paused you can resume using play() method too
// yes, now it has the toggle word, wiki demo is obsolete

// Go into fullscreen, and if in fullscreen go into browser window again

With this I already have the basic functionality of a player and can do something.

"Go look the source code" is valid answer, but I prefer to let that as the last thing to do. I prefer something in documentation form, if such a thing exists for this particular project.

This seems to be the more close I can get to learn more about the plugin interface: http://blog.revolunet.com/VLCcontrols/

Still, something in documentation form would be nice.

If link to updated examples, documentation, etc, are inexistent then tips on how find out the rest of the interface will be welcome.

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Having had the same issues I've finally come accross the actual Wikipedia entry for the VLC Browser Plugin.

Last modified earlier this year and definitely has the most accurate info on the parameters and events.

Link : Documentation:WebPlugin

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