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Apparently I wasn't clear when I last asked this, I'll try again.

I have an array full of values, lets call them primenumbers.txt

I have a bash script lets call it primechecker

The script will take each and every value and in the array and 1 at a time and run it through. However I want to be able to stop primechecker at some point in processing this array; lets call it X and restart the script in a way that the start position in the array is X+1.

If there is some further clarification need please let me know.

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Could you store the current index in a file in /tmp and check for that file on startup:

for i in nums; do
  echo $i > /tmp/marker
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You can try to make a global env variable and store possition in it. For Example:

  • add this "export ARRAY_POS=""" to ./.profile
  • relogin and then
  • update you script like this:

    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    for i in nums; do
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