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How could I reduce memory used by threads in C? Although a thread takes about 8 to 10 MB of memory, is there any way to reduce this memory?

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If you think about this rationally, it shouldn't become a problem. How many cores does your CPU have? How many threads are you trying to start? If you're trying to start 2000 threads, memory won't be the only problem you face. – R.I.P. Seb Apr 25 '13 at 11:25
Another thing to consider is that on most systems the stack is allocated in chunks of pages (typically around 4Kb) one at a time anyways and grows automatically. Even if your threads library allocates X amount of MB for the stack it doesn't mean that they are actually physically being used. As an experiment: write a program that allocates all your available physical RAM and then sleeps. Run it and check it's actual used memory (RSS, Resident Set). – Sergey L. Apr 25 '13 at 13:08

yes you can set the size of thread stack.

pthread_attr_t attribute;
pthread_t thread;
pthread_attr_setstacksize(&attribute,size); // size may be defined by u as 1024,2048,etc


void *fun(void *arg)
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As already replied you can use the pthread attribute in your application.

But you can also set a limit to any application launched in the current shell with the ulimit command:

  • ulimit -s : show the current limit in kiB
  • ulimit -s 1024 : limit the stack to 1 MiB
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