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I'm using insertRowAtIndexes:withAnimation to add a new row to an NSTableView.

If the rect of the new row is already visible then this works fine but there is a problem when inserting a new row at the end. The row gets inserted as expected but since the scroll position doesn't adjust, the animation happens offscreen!

Any obvious fix I'm missing?

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You have to make the new row visible manually. You can't call -rectOfRow: on the row you are inserting, because it's not in the table yet -- instead, look at the rect of the last row in the table, add the expected height of the new row, and then see if the resulting rect will be visible onscreen; if not, you need to scroll.

See NSTableView scrollRowToVisible with animation if you want to animate the scroll. Note that on 10.7+ you probably want to call -flashScrollers on the scrollview as well.

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Thanks. I'm already checking to see if the to be removed/inserted row is visible and scrolling first if necessary. So inserting at the bottom is a special case and I'll have to handle it differently, with a (no-animation) insert followed by animated scroll to the bottom. I'm sure visually this will look as if the inserted row is animating in. –  martinjbaker Apr 26 '13 at 11:13

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