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I want create a new Window beside an existing main Windwoe with a scrollable Textbox.

I'm pressing in my main Window on a button "Open New Window" and then it should open a new Window with a scrollable Textbox.

inside form2

In WPF you can drag drop elements in the main Window but cant do that for a new window. So I thought it is only possible when you create a new window in the MainWindow.xaml.cs

I was able to create a new Window trough:

private void btnConnect_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs 
    Form form2 = new Form();
    //Do intergreate TextBox with scrollbar in form2



and now I want a Textbox

But how can I do that in C# or WPF?


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Create the form in VS, just like you did with your main one. Then use your bit of code to open and display that form. –  SemiDemented Apr 25 '13 at 11:21
Are you sure you are asking about WPF window and not a WinForms window? –  Andrei Zubov Apr 25 '13 at 11:22
@AndreiZubov: I'm guessing, but the click handler has the RoutedEventArgs parameter indicating that it is a WPF event handler. However, form2 could be a System.Windows.Forms.Form indicating that Windows Forms perhaps by mistake has been mixed into the application. –  Martin Liversage Apr 25 '13 at 11:52

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well... you can create a new Window and load into this Windows.Content a UserControl wich you createt in a new XAML. Example:

NewXamlUserControl ui = new NewXamlUserControl();
MainWindow newWindow = new MainWindow();
newWondiw.Content = ui;

the Xaml is could be like this

<UserControl x:Class="Projekt"
        Height="300" Width="300">


        <TextBox Text = ..../>

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Create a new WPF window in your project:

  1. Project -> Add New Item -> Window (WPF)
  2. Name the window appropriately (here I use ConnectWindow.xaml)
  3. Add a TextBox to the XAML


    You can customize both Window and TextBox as you like.

There are several ways to display the window.

Displaying a modal window (this refers to the main window):

var window = new ConnectWindow { Owner = this };
// Execution only continues here after the window is closed.

Displaying a modeless child window:

var window = new ConnectWindow { Owner = this };

Displaying another top-level window:

var window = new ConnectWindow();
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