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any help would be amazing. currently got the following MySQL query:

  GROUP_CONCAT( sp.`slug` SEPARATOR  '/' ) 
  `category` sn,  `category` sp 
  sn.lft BETWEEN sp.`lft` AND sp.`rgt` 
  AND sn.`id` =3 
  sp.`lft` ASC;

Without the group_concat function this returns the desired results in the correct order. as soon as I apply group_contact the order is mashed up and incorrect. Does anyone know how to rewrite the query to give me the concatenated result desired and in the correct order?

Im at a loss on this. On a side note does anyone know how to rewrite it using the "inner join" statements as opposed to the two table names quoted next to each other as I dont understand how its joining the two tables.

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Try this:

  GROUP_CONCAT( sp.`slug` ORDER BY  sp.`lft` ASC SEPARATOR  '/' ) 
  `category` sn,
INNER JOIN  `category` sp 
  ON sn.lft BETWEEN sp.`lft` AND sp.`rgt`
  sn.`id` =3 
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This is perfectly thank you :) –  Adam Apr 25 '13 at 11:30
glad i could help :) –  Stephan Apr 25 '13 at 11:42

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