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If I have an international phone number such as this:


how can I format it to produce something like this:


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You could use the number_to_phone(number, options = {}) method from ActionView::Helpers::NumberHelper

However, the docs point out that this method formats a number into a US phone number (e.g., (555) 123-9876).

Instead you could use this patch which adds the ability to provide number groupings:

:groupings     - Specifies alternate groupings 
(must specify 3-element array; defaults to [3, 3, 4])

So in your case you would call:

number_to_phone('0541754301', :groupings => [4, 3, 3], :delimiter => "-")

to produce:


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You can use regular expression to reformat the string. For the example you have given:

"0541754301".sub(/(\d{4})(\d{3})(\d{3})/, "\\1-\\2-\\3") # returns: "0541-754-301"
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Or, since you're not looking for anything fancy like parentheses or '+', but just hyphens between numeric groups, you can:

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perfect! simple and easy. also works with whitespace as the delimiter. –  Magne Jan 22 '14 at 14:18

There's phony and phone gems available.

Phony.formatted('18091231234', :format => :international).should == '+1 809 123 1234'

or simliarly

phone.format("+ %c (%a) %n") # => "+ 385 (91) 5125486"
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