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I have a find statement like this

collSession.find({"Venue.type": /.*MT.*/}).toArray(function (err, _clsSession)

It is giving answer.But i need to some value of variable instead of that harcoded value MT. How to achieve this ? Thanks.

UPDATE I tried like "/."+searchterm+"./" Its not working.

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Just an FYI if you hadn't already realized this about MongoDB and regular expressions -- your search will hit every document in the searched collection, every time. – WiredPrairie Apr 25 '13 at 14:42
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Instead of using the inline syntax to create a regular expression, you can also use the RegExp object to create one based on a string

var searchPhrase = "MT";
var regularExpression = new RegExp(".*" + searchPhrase + ".*");
collSession.find({"Venue.type": regularExpression}) [...]
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Try this:

  var pattern = 'concatenate string' + here,
        regexp = new Regexp(pattern);
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Replace /.*MT.*/ with new RegExp( ".*" + variable + ".*" )

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Finally i got from here

it is "Venue.type": new RegExp(queryParams.et)

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Too late your gonna get spammed with answers now... – Sammaye Apr 25 '13 at 12:52

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