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Using jqmobi 1.2
I'm trying to update the content of a panel with the result of an ajax call. Following panel will collect the string to search for.

<div id="register_form" class="panel" data-defer="" data-header="default" data-footer="register_footer" data-load="" data-unload="">
<form id="register_data" class="selected">
   <fieldset class="scrollable" data-pull-scroller="true">
      <legend class="toggelable" >Organization:</legend>
         <div id=""class="toggelable">
            <label for="seleced_org"  >Bezeichnung:</label><br>  
               <input type="text" id="seleced_org" class="toggelable jq-ui-forms" ><br>
                  <a class="button icon magnifier" href="javascript:searchOrg();">Search</a>

The button will call following function, where the success method will add elements to the panel with the id "org_options".

Ajax function:

var FOUNDORGS = [];

function searchOrg() {
   var request = $('input[id=seleced_org]').val();
       url: mcTime.ASURL + "/OrgCheck",
       dataType: "JSONP",
       crossDomain: true,
       data: {
           maxRows: 12,
           name_startsWith: request,
           callback: ''
       success: function(data) {
           * server response: [{"organisationId":1,"workerquantity":0,"name":"My_Org","street":"Org_Street 1","zipcode":"45454","city":"Org_City"}]
           FOUNDORGS = $.parseJSON(data);    

           if ($('fieldset[name="options"]').find('.matchingOrgs').length == 0) {
               $('fieldset[name="options"]').append('<ul class="mc matchingOrgs"></ul>');
           var toAppend = $('fieldset[name="options"]').find('.matchingOrgs')[0];
           for (var i = 0; i < FOUNDORGS.length; i++) {
               var obj = FOUNDORGS[i];
               var li = $('<li>\n\
                    <a class="orglink" href="javascript:showOrgDetail(\'' + obj.organisationId + '\',\'' + + '\');">' + + '</a>\n\

           $.ui.loadContent('#org_options', false, false, 'slide');

appended div:

<div id="org_options" class="panel" data-header="default" data-footer="register_footer" modal="false" data-unload="">
   <fieldset name="options" class="mc scrollable" data-pull-scroller="true">
      <legend >Results:</legend>

All this works fin in my browser (chrome), and with the XDK emulator but not on my iPhone when using the XDK app-tester.

Any body any idea??

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I'm the lead dev on App Framework. There's a bug in the iOS container with handling JSON data from remote servers. There are some posts over at about it. It's logged internally in our bug tracking system.

thanks, Ian

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I dont thinkt that this is the cause. Because when i change the fieldset tag with a simple <p> and and just insert the returned message ("data" in the method) as text, the panel will show the <p> accordingly – Thomas Baumann May 1 '13 at 8:42

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