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Which element is good, if I get continouous text from my COM and I want display it in a Box,like textBox.

I want keep the old text but add in a new line like:

COM Data1: 0xFF 14:10 PM
COM Data1: 0xA3 14:10 PM
COM Data1: 0x12 14:11 PM

If I use a textbox and do this

txtbox.Text = comData;

it replace my older text.


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You can do:

txtbox.Text = txtBox.Text + Environment.NewLine + comData;

You can use StringBuilder as well for string concatenation like:

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

public void yourMethod()
  txtBox.Text = sb.ToString();

(Why use StringBuilder See: Stringbuilder vs String.Concat)

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use a listbox or a listview,

add element one by one.

So for example in a loop you can do

for each item in ComData.item

listbox1.add = item


and that would add a line below the last.

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