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I have two web views in which I want two run two different facebook accounts on both of these webviews. However, if I sign in on one webview the other webview automatically signs in as well as these two webviews share the same cookies. I know I can delete cookies by using the piece of code that gets a deletes all cookies. However, this deletes the cookies of both webviews. So is there a way to delete the cookies of only one webview? Or maybe an alternate way of accomplishing this? Thanks.

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This will not work, since both the UIWebView will share the same cookies.

UIWebView cookies and cache are shared with the App, each app has it own cookies and cache stored with the apps sandbox. There is no way to change it behavior.

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Well do you know of any alternate way of accomplishing this without using cookies. Because I know it's possible since the google chrome app used different instances of webviews within the same app with tabs being one instance and incognito tabs –  Omar Gonzalez Apr 25 '13 at 14:32

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