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this is the code of file picker
i need to copy the image that user open it to app folder. any one can help me please

private async void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

        if (Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationView.Value != Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationViewState.Snapped ||
             Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationView.TryUnsnap() == true)
            Windows.Storage.Pickers.FileOpenPicker openPicker = new Windows.Storage.Pickers.FileOpenPicker();
            openPicker.SuggestedStartLocation = Windows.Storage.Pickers.PickerLocationId.PicturesLibrary;
            openPicker.ViewMode = Windows.Storage.Pickers.PickerViewMode.Thumbnail;

            // Filter to include a sample subset of file types.

// Open the file picker.

        Windows.Storage.StorageFile file = await openPicker.PickSingleFileAsync();

            // file is null if user cancels the file picker.
            if (file != null)
                // Open a stream for the selected file.
                Windows.Storage.Streams.IRandomAccessStream fileStream =
                    await file.OpenAsync(Windows.Storage.FileAccessMode.Read);

// Set the image source to the selected bitmap.`

                Windows.UI.Xaml.Media.Imaging.BitmapImage bitmapImage =
                    new Windows.UI.Xaml.Media.Imaging.BitmapImage();

                img.Source = bitmapImage;
                this.DataContext = file;




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So what exactly isn't working? –  Ramhound Apr 25 '13 at 16:10

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Use StorageFile.CopyAsync, that is, file.CopyAsync. The first argument is the destination StorageFolder, e.g. Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder if you wanted to copy to appdata; otherwise you'd need to create a folder or get one from a picker separately.

You might, for example, have the user choose a default folder with the file picker (configured for folders). Just be sure to save that StorageFolder in the [Windows.Storage.AccessCache][2] to preserve programmatic access for future use.

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