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I am trying to make an app that reads podcast RSS feeds and playback with audio player. I've found a number of apps like DoggCatcher and AntennaPod but I'm trying to make my own so it can be customized for my need. Can anyone refer me to a tutorial or any related resources? Thanks in advance!

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Refer you to "some working examples or tutorials"... of what? –  CommonsWare Apr 25 '13 at 13:48

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Your question seems to have two part, one is creating RSS feed entries, and 2nd is Reading the RSS feed and parsing it to use/view/play. Following links may help you in both cases, for me i have to only read RSS feed and display it contents then play a specific one when selected, so the 2nd one link helped me for that scnerio, you can check what best suits you according to your needs.



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