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I have this (illustration only) C# code:

using( new System.IO.MemoryStream() ) {

Note that here a MemoryStream is created and not explicitly bound to a reference. So unless there's some special treatment because of the using statement the object has no references to it and could be collected before control leaves the using statement and maybe even before Sleep() completes.

Is MemoryStream eligible for collection before control leaves the using statement?

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No, it is NOT.

Behind the scenes, a hidden reference to the MemoryStream has been created, so it is still alive.

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"Behind the scenes" in this case means the compiler output for the using statement, which roughly approximates a try-finally block. using is the same as foreach in that the keyword instructs the compiler to generate code that actually does the legwork in the background, that code is then compiled into IL. –  Adam Houldsworth Apr 25 '13 at 14:02
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The using statement compiles to a finally block that disposes the object.

Thus, it is still in scope until the end of the block.

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