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I have a mysql database that I want to populate with xml data but I want this information to change depending on a value in another table.

The xml file looks as follows:

D<DATAROW num="1">
D<DATAROW num="2">
D<DATAROW num="3">

For instance I want to load an xml file with film titles and dates into Film Details table

Load XML Local Infile ‘C:\film_details.xml
Into table film details

I don’t want to load the film name into the table Film Details but rather use the id from another table called Film Titles

| ID |     Film Name      |
|  1 | Vanilla Sky        |
|  2 | Days of Thunder    |
|  3 | Top Gun            |
|  4 | Mission Impossible |

I want the Film Details table to look as follows

|    Date    | Film Name | Revenue |
| 20/04/2013 |         2 |     100 |
| 21/04/2013 |         3 |     120 |
| 20/04/2013 |         4 |     100 |

Please note that the Film Name Column in Table Film Details is different from that in the XML (missing the “_”)

Is there a way to manipulate the xml data before it is inserted into the mysql database?

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It would be a good idea if you load the XML file to a temporary table first. After that, a simple query should be enough to grab the code from the reference table.

This way you can solve both issues you have. the foreign key and the different field names.

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Thanks Jose, I thought there may be a more effective way but this answers my question –  user1966593 Apr 25 '13 at 19:20

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