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I want to run a python script say test.py on a Linux target machine (which has a python interpreter) and capture the output of the command in a text file as the part of another python script invoke.py using paramiko module.

The statement in the script

stdin, stdout, sterr = ssh.exec_command("python invoke.py > log.txt")

generates a blank file log.txt.

Please suggest corrections / alternate way to do this. to write the output to the file correctly.

test.py when run locally outputs sane text (which is expected to be logged in log.txt).

There are some relevant posts here and here, but no one deals with output of python script

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If you want the output from python test.py you can get it from stdout

stdin, stdout, sterr = ssh.exec_command("python test.py")

with open('test_py_out.txt', 'w') as file_out:

Your code is currently sending the output from invoke.py to log.txt on the remote machine. If log.txt is blank, it's because invoke.py isn't printing anything to stdin.

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For unknown reason, this thing is not working. For an observation if I try to do something like: stdin, stdout, sterr = ssh.exec_command("ls -l > test_py_out.txt") I see sane outputs in the associated file. –  Bleamer Apr 29 '13 at 6:16

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