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I have a String Property for an entity. I am putting a Date value into it ie "01/01/2000" via a form. Is it possible to validate the data entered to see if it is valid ie:

Assuming UK Date format below:

"32/01/2000" not valid, "31/01/2000" valid, "test" not valid

My POCO EF Property code looks like:

[System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.DataType(System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.DataType.Date, ErrorMessage = @"Not a valid date")]

public virtual string DateOfBirth

Should this work .... or......


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You could use the RegularExpression annotation, but that's gonna make things messy to say the least. You're best off just converting that property to be a DateTime.

Here's how you could do it using the RegularExpression (shield your eyes):

[RegularExpression("@(^((((0[1-9])|([1-2][0-9])|(3[0-1]))|([1-9]))\x2F(((0[1-9])|(1[0-2]))|([1-9]))\x2F(([0-9]{2})|(((19)|([2]([0]{1})))([0-9]{2}))))$)", ErrorMessage = @"Not a valid date")]
public virtual string DateOfBirth { get; set; }
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Use one of the the DateTime Parse methods?

DateTime dob;
  DateTime dob = DateTime.Parse(myString, ...)
  // handle error...
// string entered is valid
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