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I wrote a prototype for an ETL application. It consists of an admin interface which defines tasks and groups them in batches, which are pushed to a stack stored in a MySQL database. A CLI application, triggered by cron jobs, then picks up the single tasks and executes them in a FIFO fashion (single-threadedly for now).

The app is written in PHP which was great for a prototype, but I know I will need a more robust technology for a production environment.

I have been thinking about rewriting the CLI application, which does the heavy lifting and needs some robust process handling, in another language. I have hardly heard of Ruby being used for this purpose, and Java is too complex to learn within a reasonable time frame, so I considered Python as the best tradeoff between efficiency and ease of development.

I'd also like to move from a cron based routine to an event-driven framework which executes tasks as soon as the stack is not empty. So I have been looking into Twisted for the event framework, although it seems more like Twisted is more network-oriented, while my ETL application and their events run on one machine. would some Python event libraries be enough? Or some other frameworks that can help me with the job?

I would appreciate your input. Thanks


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