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As a follow-on to the accepted answer in How do I override gf with vim-rails, editing the same file multiple times results in the following error:

Error detected while processing User Auto commands for "Rails.javascript.coffee*":
E31 : No such mapping

The offending line in my vimrc is

:autocmd User Rails.javascript.coffee* nunmap <buffer> gf

How can I avoid this error by unmapping only if the mapping already exists?

(Note: Editing the same file multiple times may seem like a strange thing to do, but I believe it happens as a side effect of searching with ack.vim or ag.vim)

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You could check for the mapping with if ! empty(maparg('gf', 'n')) ..., but the usual solution is to just suppress the error by prepending silent! before the nunmap <buffer> gf command.

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silent! works just fine, thanks. –  Paul Carey Apr 25 '13 at 15:25

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