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I'm using GSLB APP for geo-distribution and load-balancing.

The APP is Apache --> Tomcat througth mod_jk in I have some like this:


If Tomcat GSLB ( changes from IP x.x.x.x to another IP y.y.y.y, the dns resolution seems to be cached by the connector mod_jk and the request are still asking to x.x.x.x .

For solving I have to make "reload" to renew the resolution y.y.y.y.

Any idea? is there any kind of DNS caching in Apache or mod_jk connector? solutions?


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I dont know if there is any property at mod_jk level but you can set it at the JDK level. Assuming you have Sun, the parameter would be "" ; setting it to zero would turn off dns caching. Generally this would not be recommended as turning off dns caching would affect performance.

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Thanks Kevin, but I don't have JDK installed on this servers, it's only Server Webs (apaches). At Tomcats Server I have configurated at JAVA_PATH/security/ property networkaddress.cache.ttl and it's works very well. I need some similar to connector mod_jk. – Adrian Apr 26 '13 at 6:45
In that case, I would think its coming from the OS. Assuming OS is Linux (or some flavor of Unix) is "nscd" enabled on your Apache web servers ? – user Apr 26 '13 at 17:29
All web servers are Debian as OS. I don't have nscd installed. and if i make a ping from a terminal it's respond the correct IP, when it's change. – Adrian Apr 29 '13 at 7:26

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