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i am using ckeditor in my Rails app. it works pretty well, but i did not manage to get the photo upload/brows/send to server to work !

i am using cancan and am getting CanCan::AuthorizationNotPerformed at /pictures, even after commenting out the config.authorize_with :cancan in config/initializers/ckeditor.rb

so i thought about uncommenting config.authorize_with :cancan and then using skip_authorization_check, but i don't know where to use it! am new to rails.

i pretty much tried everything i can !

any help/leads/tips please ?

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how does your ability.rb look like? –  Mattherick Apr 25 '13 at 17:08

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Looking at the ckeditor/pictures_controller.rb of the gem gives you the idea how to solve the issue. (use bundle open ckeditor from the root directory of your app, then navigate to app/controller/ckeditor/)

So, create a ckeditor/pictures_controller.rb in your Rails app with the content:

class Ckeditor::PicturesController < Ckeditor::ApplicationController

  def create
    @picture = Ckeditor::Picture.new

  def destroy
    respond_with(@picture, :location => pictures_path)


  def authorize_resource
    model = (@picture || Ckeditor::Picture)
    @authorization_adapter.try(:authorize, params[:action], model)

The key to this solution is the load_and_authorize_resource and the authorize_resource and create method, you'll be able to upload pictures.

The destroy method gets called when you want to delete the uploaded images.

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