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I have been researching some HTML to PDF / IMG solutions for .NET server environment (C#). Strictly only free solutions are considered.

One method I noted is using wkhtmltoimage and wkhtmltopdf - which do get the mission accomplished.


Is it possible using C# to use IE (preferably without visible window - background process only) to open an HTML file (preferably from stdin memory stream and option to disable JS and Plugins to speed things up) and then tell this IE process to print that HTML document to a specific printer silently? (for batch printing of HTML to some pdf printer or something)

I would also need to make sure that it completed and exited and if not, kill it. Yes, a very hacky solution.

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For those who Googled this, you can use the WebBrowser control in an STA thread. Communicate with the WebBrowser control using invoke function only. Do not use Thread.Sleep(). Navigate the WebBrowser to about:blank first before doing anything else (safety check). Then you can pass HTML or tell it to navigate to some file. –  user1695660 Aug 2 '13 at 14:56
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