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Many popular search dropdowns on sites like Amazon (example image) use autosuggested words along with grouping (Field Collapsing in Solr).

While I can replicate the same functionality in Solr using two requests (first to obtain suggestions, second for the actual query using the most probable suggestion), I want to know if this can be done in one request itself.

I understand that there are various ways to obtain suggestions (term component, facets, Solr's inbuilt (Suggester), and I'm open to using any one of them, if it means I'll be able to get everything (groups + suggestions) in one request.

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I have not tested it yet.. but i try this for my auto_suggest..

Auto Suggestion With multi words/terms using SOLR

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Doesn't address how I'd get grouping working along with autosuggest. As I said, getting autosuggest to work singly is pretty straight-forward, what I want to know is if getting groups with the most likely suggestion is possible in the same request. –  rounak Apr 26 '13 at 8:30

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