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I'm trying to build an application on backbone.js which uses HTML5 localStorage to store and retrieve data. So currently instead of retrieving data from localStorage, a method getLocalStorageData on model will return the localStorage data.

Now the problem here, I'm unable to initialize/set collection with the model's method.

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks.


(collection is shared across 2 routes).

    var Workspace = Backbone.Router.extend({
        routes: {
            'dashboard': 'dashboard',
            'newsearch': 'newsearch'
        collection: new MMM.Common.Collection.StudyCollection(),
        dashboard: function () {
            $("#newsearch").css('display', 'none');
            $("#dvDashboard").css('display', 'block');

            activeStudyListView = new MMM.Dashboard.View.ActiveStudyListView({
                collection: this.collection
        newsearch: function () {
            $("#dvDashboard").css('display', 'none');
            $("#newsearch").css('display', 'block');

            studyView = new MMM.NewSearch.View.Study({
                collection: this.collection



MMM.Common.allStudies = [
    {study_index : 1, study_name : 'sample test', status : 'ACTIVE' },
    {study_index : 2, study_name : 'abc test', status : 'ACTIVE' },
    {study_index : 3, study_name : 'new study', status : 'ACTIVE' }

MMM.Common.Model.StudyModel = Backbone.Model.extend({
    defaults : {
        'status' : 'ACTIVE'
    getLocalStorageData : function() {
        return MMM.Common.allStudies;


MMM.Common.Collection.StudyCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    model : MMM.Common.Model.StudyModel
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You're going about this the wrong way. The collection should be in charge of fetching data from wherever using Backbone.Collection.fetch(). If set up correctly, it will automatically populate itself with a list of models –  Bojangles Apr 25 '13 at 15:43
Why not use the Backbone localstorage adapter? –  mu is too short Apr 25 '13 at 16:05

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