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I have a store procedure has 4 paramater in SQL, and want to bulid a applcation in access to exec this SP.

I have a access form which has four text box just simply type the pass through paramater and one button to click , which has code like these

  Private Sub Command13_Click()

  Dim dbs As DAO.Database
  Dim qdf As DAO.QueryDef
  Dim strSQL As String
  Const c_strSQL As String = "EXEC sp_xCopy @CurCo={P1}, @CurNumber={P2}, @NewCo={P3},   @NewNumver={P4}"

 Set dbs = CurrentDb     Set qdf = dbs.QueryDefs("QueryCopyVendor") 
 strSQL = Replace(c_strSQL, "{P1}", "Forms!CopyVendor!CurCo") 
 strSQL = Replace(strSQL, "{P2}", "Forms!CopyVendor!CurNumber") 
 strSQL = Replace(strSQL, "{P3}", "Forms!CopyVendor!NewCo")
 strSQL = Replace(strSQL, "{P4}", "Forms!CopyVendor!NewNumber")
 qdf.SQL = strSQL
 Set qdf = Nothing
 Set dbs = Nothing

 End Sub

but when i submit, i get the fellowing error:

run_time error '3065' cannot execute a select query

Does that mean i can not have select query in my SP? help please.

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Does that mean i can not have select query in my SP?

No, the error message is telling you that Access thinks your query is a SELECT query (or some type of query that returns records) and you are trying to .Execute it. Access doesn't like that because it thinks you should be assigning the returned records to a Recordset.

To create a pass-through query (PTQ) in DAO you must

  • set the .Connect property of the QueryDef to at least ODBC;, and
  • set the .ReturnsRecords property to False if it does not return a rowset

Here is the bare-bones code to create a PTQ:

Sub CreatePTQ()
Dim cdb As DAO.Database, qdf As DAO.QueryDef
Set cdb = CurrentDb
Set qdf = cdb.CreateQueryDef("ptq")
qdf.Connect = "ODBC;"
qdf.ReturnsRecords = False
qdf.SQL = "EXEC foo"
Set qdf = Nothing
Set cdb = Nothing
End Sub

Also, in your code you are replacing the placeholders with the names of the form controls, e.g., ...

strSQL = Replace(c_strSQL, "{P1}", "Forms!CopyVendor!CurCo")

...when you should be replacing those placeholders with the controls' values...

strSQL = Replace(c_strSQL, "{P1}", Forms!CopyVendor!CurCo)

...and remember that if any of the parameters are strings then you'll need to put quotes around them in the EXEC statement.

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Thanks, i will try it, as you know i am so new to access –  user1723572 Apr 25 '13 at 16:08
I get the refernce from the following link dbforums.com/microsoft-access/…. Would you help me to look at it? –  user1723572 Apr 25 '13 at 16:19
@user1723572 Have you already created the [QueryCopyVendor] query as a pass-through query (icon in Access looks like a globe), with the appropriate .Connect string, and with the EXEC sp_xCopy ... command using actual parameters so you can double-click the query in Access and verify that it actually works? Try that first, and then work on executing it from your VBA code. –  Gord Thompson Apr 25 '13 at 16:35
yes, i did check before i work on the execute. It works fine. –  user1723572 Apr 25 '13 at 16:46
@user1723572 I have updated my answer. Also, does the existing [QueryCopyVendor] query in Access have the "globe" icon with the exclamation point (!) beside it? (That's the icon for PTQ's with .ReturnsRecords = False.) –  Gord Thompson Apr 25 '13 at 16:57

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