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I have a json api where i perform action caching :

class Api::V2::TagsController < Api::V2::BaseController

  before_filter :set_cache_headers, :only => [:categories, :tribes]
  caches_action :categories, :tribes, :expires_in => 1.hour

The only way i found to expire this cache is to use :

Rails.cache.delete api_v2_categories_url(:locale => nil)+'.json?'

This is terribly ugly

Please can anyone help me improve this terrible hack ?

More informations :

Caching works great and i see cache writes in logs :

Cache write: http://localhost:3000/api/v2/categories.json?

In an admin namespace i need to expire the cache, i've tried :

expire_action(:controller => '/api/v2/tags', :action => 'categories', :format => :json)

Which fails and outputs :

Expire fragment views/localhost:3000/mu-8c54ade2-cbb77ba0-4f0c28d3-607169d0.json?action=categories&controller=api/v2/tags&locale=fr

P.S: I've tried this answer without success: rails caching: expire_action in another namespace

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You could create a new route in your api called clear_categories and in it call

expire_action :action => :categories

Then in your admin just hit that route. You could also redirect back to the calling admin page by passing a redirect url to clear_categories or something to that effect.

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I had a similar issue and fixed it using something like below,

expire_fragment(, {
    :controller => '/api/v2/tags',
    :action => 'categories'
}, true).path)
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