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i have somme process elements that can contain other process elements with no limit.

i managed the addition of new process into other directly from the palette, it works right but when i drag a process already drawn to integrate it as a new child of another process already drawn, the editor don't let me do so and i have a white cross cursor.

in my model the Process class is extending ContainerElement class wich handles the addition and removal of children and the notification stuff.

i was thinking that since the process will have a new parent i must add this in the change ConstraintCommand

here's a snippet of my code

    public class ProcessFigure extends Figure {
    public ProcessFigure() {
    setLayoutManager(new XYLayout());

    ellipse = new Ellipse();
    label = new Label();
    ellipse.setLayoutManager(new XYLayout());

    public IFigure getContentPane() {
    return ellipse;

 public class ProcessEditPart extends ContainerElementEditPart {
    public IFigure getContentPane() {
    return ((ProcessFigure)getFigure()).getContentPane();

    protected void createEditPolicies() {
    installEditPolicy(EditPolicy.LAYOUT_ROLE, new ContainerElementXYLayoutEditPolicy(
            (XYLayout) getContentPane().getLayoutManager()));

public class ContainerElementXYLayoutEditPolicy extends XYLayoutEditPolicy {
    public ContainerElementXYLayoutEditPolicy(XYLayout layoutManager) {

    private Command getProcessCreateCommand(CreateRequest request) {
    ProcessCreateCommand result = new ProcessCreateCommand();
    Rectangle constraint = (Rectangle) getConstraintFor(request);
    return result;

    protected Command createChangeConstraintCommand (ChangeBoundsRequest request,EditPart child , Object constraint) {
    ProcessChangeConstraintCommand changeConstraintCommand = new ProcessChangeConstraintCommand (); 
    return changeConstraintCommand;



i think the problem is that gef can't figure the appropriate layout manager, i tried several changes but get everytime cast or stackoverflow exception, please help !

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When you drag an element outside the figure of an edit part GEF fires a REQ_ORPHAN request that must be handled by the edit part from which the element is taken out. If this is not done, I think you can't take the element outside the edit part's figure. You can handle this requires by overriding the getOrphanChildrenCommand in the LayoutEditPolicy class.

I have never used this feature, but this is what is written in the Moving and Resizing of the GEF Programmer's Guide

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thank you, I completely missed GEF Programmer's Guide – user1125516 Apr 26 '13 at 17:21

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