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What I want to do is to run rails console test but with Zeus gem, something like: zeus console test

Thanks a lot in advance!

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The solution is achieved by modifying your zeus.json file to include a new console command that will run in the test environment which I have called test_console.

Here is my entire zeus.json file, the only relevant bit being the part starting with "test_console":

  "command": "ruby -rubygems -r./custom_plan -eZeus.go",

  "plan": {
    "boot": {
      "default_bundle": {
        "development_environment": {
          "prerake": {"rake": []},
          "runner": ["r"],
          "console": ["c"],
          "server": ["s"],
          "generate": ["g"],
          "destroy": ["d"],
          "dbconsole": []
        "test_environment": {
          "cucumber_environment": {"cucumber": []},
          "test_helper": {"test": ["rspec", "testrb"]},
          "test_console": ["tc"]

To enable test_console however, you will need to create a custom plan in your custom_plan.rb file as follows:

require 'zeus/rails'

class CustomPlan < Zeus::Rails
  def default_bundle_with_test_env
    ::Rails.env = 'test'
    ENV['RAILS_ENV'] = 'test'

  def test_console

Zeus.plan = CustomPlan.new

Note the default_bundle_with_test_env is needed, as is the test_console method which was defined above in your zeus.json file.

Finally, run: zeus test_console or zeus tc

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