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I have two functors:

class SFunctor {
    SFunctor(double a) { _a = a; }
    double operator() (double t) { return _a * sin(t); }
    double _a;

class CFunctor {
    CFunctor(double b) { _b = b; }
    double operator() (double t) { return _b * cos(t); }
    double _b;

I want to pass one or the other of these functions to another function:

double squarer(double x, ??______?? func) {
      double y = func(x);
      return y * y;

In my main program I want to make a call like this:

CFunctor sine(2.);
SFunctor cosine(4.);
double x= 0.5;
double s = squarer(x, sine);
double c = squarer(x, cosine); 

How do I specify the function fund, that is what goes in front of it in place of ??_?? ?

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You can simply do it with templates

template <class F>
double squarer(double x, F& func) {
      double y = func(x);
      return y * y;
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+1 Good job! :) –  0x499602D2 Apr 25 '13 at 20:35

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