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I tried to find a lisp function to convert between numbers and strings and after a little googling I fond a function with the same name. when I entered (itoa 1) SLIME printed:

Undefined function ITOA called with arguments (1) .

How can I do the conversion?

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From number to string:

(write-to-string 5)

you may transform a string to any numerical notation:

(write-to-string 341 :base 10)

From string to number:

(parse-integer "5")

with some trash

(parse-integer " 5 something not a number" :junk-allowed t)

Or use this:

(read-from-string "23 absd")
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Do not use read-from-string on externally provided strings, or at least bind *read-eval* to false when you do. Also of note for general number-parsing is the library parse-number. –  Svante May 1 '13 at 21:26

A heavyweight solution is to use FORMAT:

[2]> (format nil "~A" 1)

There is also WRITE-TO-STRING:

[3]> (write-to-string 10)
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