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I am writing a Ruby on Rails application to manage library records. The website is at I would like to test that, when a manager is signed in, they can see a link to the "Checkout" action next to each book record. My problem is that this Cabybara/Rspec test is failing, and I don't know why.

describe "on the index page" do
  before(:each) do
    click_link "Index"

  it "should have a checkout link" do
    page.should have_link("Checkout")

    # I've also tried a bunch of other tests; these also failed:
    #page.should have_content "Checkout"
    #find('div').should have_link('Checkout')
    #find_link('Checkout').visible? == 'true'

The error message is:

 Failure/Error: page.should have_link("Checkout")
   expected link "Checkout" to return something
 # ./spec/requests/layout_links_spec.rb:172

A few things I've already checked: 1) This isn't due to a failed sign-in; other tests in this same block correctly find links in the header that are only visible on manager sign-in; it's only the links in the book partial that are not found. 2) The link displays on the website itself, it's only the test that's failing.

Code for the book partial:

  <div class="book">
    <div class="title"> 
      <%= %>
    <% if signed_in? and is_manager? %>
    <%= link_to "Entry", book%>
    <%= link_to "Delete", book, :method => :delete, :confirm => "Are you
    sure?", :title => "Delete #{}" %> 
    <%= link_to "Checkin", checkin_book_path(book), :method => :put%>
    <%= link_to "Checkout", checkout_book_path(book), :method => :put%>
    <% end %>
    <p class="moreinfo">
      Authors(s): <%= book.authors %><br>
      <% if book.edition != nil %>
      Edition: <%= book.edition %>
      <% else %>
      Edition: N/A
      <% end %>
      Copies available: <%= book.avail_copies
                            %>/<%= book.total_num_copies %>

I'm using Rails 3.2.12, rspec-rails 2.8.1, and capybara 1.1.2

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You may not have any books in your test data. Try adding Book.create(...) in your before(:each) block. – niiru Apr 25 '13 at 17:15
doh! Yes, that fixed it. Thanks! – user2317747 Apr 26 '13 at 15:55

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