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Could you confirm whether Windows Phone 8 ISO or SDK is available to install with VS2012 Ultimate which I have installed on Windows 7 Home Basic.

Since unable to install Phone 8 environment as get message about Windows 8 needed, but have Windows 8 Preview running in VMWARE workstation.

Please suggest some workaround so that can dev with Windows Phone 8 with existing setup.

Thanks. Maneesh

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The Windows Phone 8 SDK requires Windows 8 as specified here. The Windows Phone 7.8 SDK supports Windows 7, but won't let you develop Windows Phone 8 apps just 7.5 and 7.8 apps.

The Windows Phone 8 SDK uses Hyper-V to run the emulator which is why you need Windows 8. This article claims to define how to use Hyper-V inside a VMware Workstation 8 VM. Following those steps it should be possible to install VS2012 and the Windows Phone 8 SDK inside the VM and get everything running.

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