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I am using easy-thumbnails in my Django 1.5 project to generate thumbnail images.

I have been using several different sizes for thumbnails for testing, but now I would like to clear all thumbnails from my filesystem and from the easy-thumbnails database entries. Over time I created several different sizes of many images and I would like to remove those now.

My intention is to start with a clean slate and to remove all thumbnail images. I could not find out how to do that.

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Just had the same problem.


class MyModel(Model):
    image = ThumbnailerImageField()

You can delete all thumbnails with:

for m in MyModel.objects.all():

If you instead have:

class MyModel(Model):
    image = ImageField()

Then you should use:

from easy_thumbnails.files import get_thumbnailer

for m in MyModel.objects.all():
    thumbnailer = get_thumbnailer(m.image)
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works for me, but import should be: from easy_thumbnails.files import get_thumbnailer (missing s in easy_thumbnails in the code above) – Johannes Lerch Mar 14 at 10:11
Typo fixed, thanks! – knite Mar 14 at 17:24

I have created a Picture model in which I added a method, as follows

from easy_thumbnails.models import Source, Thumbnail
def clean_thumbnail(self):
    if self.image:
        sources = Source.objects.filter(
        if sources.exists():
            for thumb in Thumbnail.objects.filter(source=sources[0]):
                except Exception, e:

And it works like a charm.

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