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Sorry for english is not my mother language, maybe the question title is not quite good. I want do something like this.

$str = array("Lincoln Crown","Crown Court","go holiday","house fire","John Hinton","Hinton Jailed");

here is an array, "Lincoln Crown" contain "Lincoln" and "Crown", so remove next words, witch contains these 2 words, and "Crown Court(contain Crown)" has been removed.

in another case. "John Hinton" contain "John" and "Hinton", so "Hinton Jailed(contain Hinton)" has been removed. the final output should be like this:

$output = array("Lincoln Crown","go holiday","house fire","John Hinton");

for my php skill is not good, it is not simply to use array_unique() array_diff(), so open a question for help, thanks.

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Aside your problem, What about "Courtney Cox" and "Cox Cable" - totally different application of the word Cox. If this is for something where this scenario is applicable you may not want to just exclude based on the presence of one word. –  Kai Qing Apr 25 '13 at 18:09
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I think this might work :P

function cool_function($strs){
    // Black list
    $toExclude = array();

    foreach($strs as $s){
        // If it's not on blacklist, then search for it
        if(!in_array($s, $toExclude)){
            // Explode into blocks
            foreach(explode(" ",$s) as $block){
                // Search the block on array
                $found = preg_grep("/" . preg_quote($block) . "/", $strs);
                foreach($found as $k => $f){
                    if($f != $s){
                        // Place each found item that's different from current item into blacklist
                        $toExclude[$k] = $f;

    // Unset all keys that was found
    foreach($toExclude as $k => $v){

    // Return the result
    return $strs;

$strs = array("Lincoln Crown","Crown Court","go holiday","house fire","John Hinton","Hinton Jailed");


    [0] => Lincoln Crown
    [2] => go holiday
    [3] => house fire
    [4] => John Hinton
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+1 I am still trying to make my own version of this, and failing :) –  Simon_eQ Apr 25 '13 at 18:33
I think it's a trivia and not a usable code. –  UltimateProgrammer_BR Apr 25 '13 at 18:37
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Seems like you would need a loop and then build a list of words in the array.


// Store existing array's words; elements will compare their words to this array
// if an element's words are already in this array, the element is deleted
// else the element has its words added to this array
$arrayWords = array();

// Loop through your existing array of elements
foreach ($existingArray as $key => $phrase) {
    // Get element's individual words
    $words = explode(" ", $phrase);

    // Assume the element will not be deleted
    $keepWords = true;

    // Loop through the element's words
    foreach ($words as $word) {
        // If one of the words is already in arrayWords (another element uses the word)
        if (in_array($word, $arrayWords)) {
            // Delete the element

            // Indicate we are not keeping any of the element's words
            $keepWords = false;

            // Stop the foreach loop

    // Only add the element's words to arrayWords if the entire element stays
    if ($keepWords) {
        $arrayWords = array_merge($arrayWords, $words);
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You can explode each string in the original array and then compare per-words using a loop (comparing each word from one array with each word from another, and if they match, remove the whole array).

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As I would do in your case:

$words = array();

foreach($str as $key =>$entry)
   $entryWords = explode(' ', $entry);
   $isDuplicated = false;
   foreach($entryWords as $word)
        if(in_array($word, $words))
            $isDuplicated = true;
        $words = array_merge($words, $entryWords);



array (size=4)
  0 => string 'Lincoln Crown' (length=13)
  2 => string 'go holiday' (length=10)
  3 => string 'house fire' (length=10)
  4 => string 'John Hinton' (length=11)
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