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Hi i'm stuck with this doubt:
How do I make i Join with 2 IRepositories? look my controller...

public ActionResult Colaboradores(int baseid)

        IRepository<Colaborador> _repocolab = new SubSonicRepository<Colaborador>();
        IRepository<Usuario> _repouser = new SubSonicRepository<Usuario>();

        return View();

I need to join these IRepositories to get "Ativo" from Colaborador and "Nome" from Usuario making a Where in Colaborador with baseid parameter...

How can i do that??? Please :)

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Unfortunately the repository pattern isn't going to provide you with the ability to query across two repositories.

One method which you might be able to use is to create a view in the database which contains all the properties you need and then get subsonic to create a class that reflects this view for you.

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But how can I make subsonic create this class? –  Antonio Dourado Oct 25 '09 at 22:15

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