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I was trying to use NaiveBayesUpdateable classifier from Weka. My data contains both nominal and numeric attributes:

  @relation cars
  @attribute country {FR, UK, ...}
  @attribute city {London, Paris, ...}
  @attribute car_make {Toyota, BMW, ...}
  @attribute price numeric   %% car price 
  @attribute sales numeric   %% number of cars sold

I need to predict the number of sales (numeric!) based on other attributes.

I understand that I can not use numeric attribute for Bayes classification in Weka. One technique is to split value of numeric attribute in N intervals of length k and use instead nominal attribute, where n is a class name, like this: @attribute class {1,2,3,...N}.

Yet numeric attribute that I need to predict ranges from 0 to 1 000 000. Creating 1 000 000 classes make no sense at all. How to predict numeric attribute with Weka or what algorithms to look for in case Weka has no tools for this task?

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What you want to do is regression, not classification. The difference is exactly what you describe/want:

  • Classification has discrete classes/labels, any nominal attribute could be used as class here
  • Regression has continuous labels, classes would be a wrong term here.

Most regression based techniques can be transformed into a binary classification by defining a threshold and the class is determined by whether the predicted value is above or below this threshold.

I don't know all of WEKA's classifiers that offer regression, but you can start by looking at those two:

You might have to use the NominalToBinary filter to convert your nominal attributes to numerical (binary) ones.

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you can find use regression in weka classifiers > functions > linear regression. here is an example of creating a regression model in weka

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