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Look at this... this evening I was trying to cast some primiteves to wrappers when I found that:

Integer i = (Integer)4;
Integer i = (Integer)4f; // Doesn't compile!

But if I rewrite the second line:

Integer i2 = (int)4f; // Then it compiles

What's the difference? Why should I be able to cast with a wrapper class in the first case, but not in the second?

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Integer i = (Integer)4f; 

youre casting a float primitive to an Integer wrapper - they dont fit. this has nothing to do with autoboxing either. even with explicit boxing, this still wont compile:

Integer i = (Integer)(Double.valueOf(4f));

while here:

Integer i2 = (int)4f;

you casting a float primitive to an int primitive (truncating in the process) and then java auto-boxes that into an Integer for you

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