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Update: My problem seems to have solved itself. Not sure what's going on. Sorry for the false alarm.

My understanding is that perl/lib is reserved for the core Perl distribution and that I should be putting my own modules in perl/site/lib. However, when I do that, perldoc does not find my modules. It does find modules that I put in perl/lib. It also finds modules that ActivePerl's ppm utility installs in perl/site/lib. What do I need to do differently so that my modules in perl/site/lib will be visible to perldoc? Currently, my "deployment process" consists of nothing more than copying a bunch of .pm files to perl/site/lib -- I suspect that's the problem.

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Update your PERL5LIB environment variable to include perl/site/lib/perl5 and you should be OK.

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Do your modules actually contain pod? If they don't, perldoc will skip them (unless you specify the -m option).

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