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I'm using Builder C++ 6.

in the folowing code I want my function KreirajPOlja() to generate random AnsiString characters on the buttons but what i always gain is just matrix 9*9 with just one generated character as in the picture:

enter image description here

void __fastcall TForm1::KreirajPolja()
                  int tr;

       for(int i=0;i<dim_x;i++)

       for(int j=0;j<dim_y;j++)  {

  Dugme[i][j]->Caption= NizSlova[tr];



  Form1->Width=dim_x* 20+5;
   Form1->Height=(dim_y+2)* 20+25;


                 int __fastcall TForm1::PostaviRandom(){
                        int k;

                 return k;}   

and here is the folowing cpp code

        #ifndef Unit1H
        #define Unit1H
     #include <Classes.hpp>

        #include <Controls.hpp>

       #include <StdCtrls.hpp>

        #include <Forms.hpp>

         #include <time.h>

       //--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

              class TForm1 : public TForm

            __published:    // IDE-managed Components

        TButton *Button1;

       void __fastcall FormCreate(TObject *Sender);

        public:     // User declarations

          TButton*** Dugme;
            TImage *** Slike;
         TEdit *brojac;
       int dim_x, dim_y;
       int vrijeme,kr;
       int BrojSlova, br;
       AnsiString NizSlova;

    __fastcall TForm1(TComponent* Owner);
    void __fastcall KreirajSlova();
    void __fastcall AlocirajProstor();
    void __fastcall BrisiProstor();
    void __fastcall AlocirajProstorZaSlova();
    void __fastcall BrisiProstorZaSlova();

    void __fastcall KreirajPolja();
    virtual   int __fastcall PostaviRandom();
    AnsiString __fastcall DajSlovo();

        extern PACKAGE TForm1 *Form1;
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1 Answer 1

Don't call srand in your loop. Call it once at the start of the program.

Each time you call srand you reset the random number generator. Since you call it with the same parameter each time (your code runs in less than a second so the value of time(NULL) doesn't change), you get the same result from rand().

There is no need to call srand multiple times in the same program unless you intentionally want to reproduce an old sequence of random numbers.

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