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I'm trying to run a MR job in Play 2.0.1 scala, but I can't get the mapper class loaded in the job classpath. Every time I run the job in hadoop I get a classnotfoundexception. I already added (in several different ways) the reference to the class in order to load the corresponding jar, but without success. Any clue will be appreciated.

Thanks! -carlos.

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I assume you were running MR job from dev mode. There are couple of issues running MR job from play dev mode. One of issue is the mapper/reducer classes are not found on TaskTracker nodes because the jar with mapper/reducer is not created yet. Here is my solution:


Another issue is caused by the class loader used in Play run command. Run command creates a class loader that has only dependency jars so that you classes are not in the classpaths when you use Class.forName. I don't have a solution for this yet.

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